Why should you support CMDA?
For more than 80 years, we have pursued one goal - to transform the lives of healthcare professionals so they can transform the world. Through more than 40 programs including campus and community ministries, medical missions, public policy and much more, CMDA continues to be a driving force in healthcare - enriching hundreds of thousands of lives each year.

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  Did you know…
  • We recently received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, the highest rating available from the nation’s leading charity evaluator.

  • We are a member of EFCA, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. As a member, we receive accreditation by faithfully demonstrating compliance with established standards for financial accountability, fundraising and board governance.

  • We are dedicated to being good stewards of the resources Christ has given us. As such, we apply that principle to our fundraising efforts and are committed to the highest standards of integrity.

  • We know you place your trust in us when you invest in CMDA. We value that trust and remain focused on honoring it through the work of our various ministries.

When you invest in CMDA, you join with us as a
Light in the Darkness
A light to the next generation

Nothing is more important to the future of healthcare in America than raising up a strong generation of Christian doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals. Through your generous support, we are able to bring the light of Christian fellowship and encouragement to today’s students.

  • More than 350 student and graduate groups on medical and dental campuses across America, led by more than 730 trained peer leaders.

  • Students are being mentored and discipled through Bible and ethics studies, mission teams, leadership training, resources and outreach functions.

  • Chapters create a sense of community and provide a solid foundation in Christ on which students build a career of following the Great Physician

A light to our world

We are called by God to go and share the gospel, and we are dedicated to using our God-given skills to bring the light of Christ to the poor and needy on the edge of survival.

  • Last year, 47 Global Health Outreach teams ministered in 20 developing nations, including some of the most unreached areas of the world where political and religious intolerance make medical missions one of the few avenues of the gospel.

  • These teams provided medical, dental, surgical and optical care to 62,388 men, women and children. Their caring witness brought 4,270 people to a saving faith in Jesus.

  • In addition, 14 Medical Education International teams traveled to nations around the world, impacting thousands of lives by training local healthcare professionals and encouraging them to follow Christ.

  • Global Health Relief, our latest outreach ministry, is focused on bringing health and hope to people affected by disasters around the world.

A light to our culture

As healthcare professionals, we have a unique opportunity to be a light to our culture and our profession in these ethically dark days, when the value of human life is being steadily eroded. Your generous support helps us partner with policymakers moving in the right direction, regardless of political affiliation.

  • Freedom2Care, a coalition dedicated to protecting the right of conscience for healthcare professionals, now has more than 30,000 members.
  • More than 61,000 petitions were sent to President Obama urging his support for strong conscience protections.
  • Our Washington office serves as a liaison with Congress, the White House, federal agencies and nongovernmental organizations in our nation’s capital.
  • We continue to be involved in state grassroots campaigns to promote life-honoring legislation regarding physician-assisted suicide, embryonic stem cell research and other issues.

A light for Christ

At CMDA, we reflect the light of Christ in a dark world – not by our own power, but by His power. When you partner with us, you help the light shine even brighter.                                 

Working together, we’re pushing back the night encroaching around medicine and dentistry. We’re the light fighting the darkness.

Will you join us?