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Lem Howard, MDiv

Area Director. Charlottesville, Virginia
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After over eighty combined years of ministry (whew!), you might think Linda and I would be looking for a place to retire or at least sit down, but we are having way too much fun at this point to even consider the possibility. On a regular basis we see the goodness of the Lord in our lives, the lives of our three wonderful daughters, and the lives of our five grandchildren (ask at your own risk).

If we took the time to count our blessings, we would be so humbled at all that God has done in us, through us, and for us, but for me, it starts with Linda. She is truly the glue that holds our family AND our ministry together. Her wisdom, people skills and joy make us a great team in life and ministry (and she laughs at my jokes, too).


The heart of our ministry with CMDA is found in our passionate belief that life is all about relationships, and that life’s most important lessons are best learned in the context of a caring community of believers. Because of God’s wonderful faithfulness, and the faithfulness of those who partner with us, we are putting the “care” back in healthcare where it is so desperately needed.

Medical students, residents and physicians invest amazing amounts of mental, physical and emotional energy in the pursuit of medicine as their life’s calling. Because of the generous financial investments of people like you, Linda and I are able to be right there with them, challenging them to invest that energy in such a way that God is glorified as they live out the core values of their faith daily in everything they do.