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Linda Hippenhammer, MD

GHO Specialty Coordinator

Linda Hippenhammer, MD, is a radiologist who, after years in an intense private practice, decided to kick back a bit and smell the roses. She currently works with a delightful large single specialty practice which allows her much time to pursue the other interests and blessings she's been given. Her husband who is a professor at Olivet Nazarene University and they have two daughters and four grandchildren. She wants to use all she has been given to glorify God and share the love of Jesus Christ with those she encounters. She have been on several short-term mission trips but only in the past five years, so she continues to watch and marvel at this privilege which God has graciously given.

In her words, "When I made the switch from internal medicine to radiology in residency, I was comfortable with His will with that decision but not clear as to what God had up His sleeve. I’ve always had an interest in international missions and at that time radiologists were perceived as worthless in underserved areas. As I explored opportunities through the years, I was told the radiologists all left in frustration because our tools are too big to travel, too expensive to buy, difficult to maintain and largely unavailable. We were not an essential medical service. By the time I was in a position to go, that situation had started to change. Although we all miss the CT and MRI when we are international, ultrasound is now considered an essential medical tool by the World Health Organization and there is a concerted effort to make it available to all. That means there is need for us radiologists, sonologists and sonographers on most health related trips. If improved diagnosis leads to improved care and we are serving God's creatures, they should have the added edge that ultrasound and any other possible imaging provides. Thus we can serve and give a cup of water in His name. by Blake and John was being born as I was looking around for a way to use my skills and they have been a great blessing. They had already started the introduction of ultrasound into the impoverished medical setting. They had purchased a very suitable machine to be utilized and shared.