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Hung Lu

Associate Staff; Cleveland, Ohio

Hung graduated from University of Dayton with a degree in MIS. He spent a year interning with Cru in Macedonia, followed by four and a half years in Chicago with Cru. He has worked as associate staff for CMDA for two years. He is now serving in Cleveland with Cru and CMDA. He is married to a lovely lady name Jennie who is also serving with Cru in Cleveland.

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About Community Ministries in Cleveland, Ohio

The NEOCMDA is the branch of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations which ministers in the Northeast Ohio region, covering the Cleveland/Akron/Youngstown areas and the surrounding cities. Our mission is to train and equip medical providers and students to bring the gospel of the Jesus Christ to a dying world. Working with the Case Western University, the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, Northeast Ohio Medical University and Case Western Dental School, the NEOCMDA has a broad reach in this influential region of the country. By God's grace we are mentoring medical students, supporting missions trips to the developing world and helping students become medical providers who practice with the compassion of Christ and are able to bear witness to the goodness and mercy of God, both to their classmates and future co-workers. For over 15 years, NEOCMDA has been used by God to faithfully proclaim the good news from one generation of students to the next.

Why You Should Give

You should consider giving towards the NEOCMDA because it is a high yield investment in the kingdom of God. Our leadership carefully stewards our resources and backs it up with our own finances because we believe that our God is producing much fruit in the lives of the next generation of physicians, dentists and nurses, and we want to be a part of what God is doing. God has blessed us with so much already and it is a joy to give just a small portion back to Him- it is all His anyways. NEOCMDA's goal is help make disciple-makers, people who graduate from school and residency ready and desiring to help make other disciple makers. We also have two part-time staff members in Hung Lu and Stacey Prestegaard who do a wonderful job engaging the students with biblical truth and stability through the years and in Stacey's case, helping our ministry behind the scenes to make events run smoothly. Your support both in prayer and finances is such an encouragement to us and we appreciate it.

To learn more about the ministry of the NEOCMDA, please visit our website: