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Gene Rudd, MD

Senior Vice President

Gene Rudd, MD, serves as Senior Vice President of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations.

Dr. Rudd is a specialist in obstetrics/gynecology, and he has extensive experience as a director of a maternal-fetal medicine training program and in rural healthcare practice. He has garnered several awards including the Gorgas Medal, presented by the U.S. government for the most significant achievement in preventive medicine. As a spokesman for Christian healthcare professionals in America, Dr. Rudd has received national media coverage, including interviews with the Washington Post and People Magazine.

Dr. Rudd has also conducted international programs with World Medical Mission, where he established the Christian Medical Mission of Russia. He directed the rehabilitation of the Central Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda. Dr. Rudd has also served in Belarus, Bosnia, Kazakhstan and India.

Dr. Rudd's experiences provide rich illustrations for inspirational and educational presentations. Dr. Rudd has communicated what God is doing through Christian healthcare by speaking at seminars, conferences and churches.

He and his wife Gay have four children: Jonathan, Deborah, Joshua and David.

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