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Ben Silva MD

Howdy! It was through a weekly Bible study at Texas A&M University where God first cracked open the window into what a life could look like if lived totally for Him. When I arrived back in my hometown of San Antonio to begin my medical training, I discovered the CMDA and my life has already taken unimaginable turns! Through local short-term missions, a trip to the Dominican Republic, and CMDA involvement at the national level, I have been inspired and humbled by Christian professionals using their career to accomplish their true calling. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve my fellow students and work with folks from all over the country!

When I need a break to find my sanity amidst my training, my heart delights in flowing down dirt trails on two wheels or generally spending time outdoors, especially in the Texas Hill Country! I’m thankful that through the journey of medical training to my ultimate goal of making the lives of children better, I’m provided not only a solid foundation on which to stand, but such opportunities to bring a breath of fresh air.