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On the Side

On the Side - May 2018

On the Side | May 07, 2018

If Life is a Race, Why am I Pushing a Stroller?

by Sharon Chatwell

On the Side - April 2018

On the Side | April 03, 2018

The Right Choice

by Carol Mason Shrader

On the Side - March 2018

On the Side | March 07, 2018

On Your Hip

by Carol Mason Shrader

On the Side - February 2018

On the Side | February 07, 2018

Rate of Perceived Exertion

by Sharon Kay Chatwell

On the Side - January 2018

On the Side | January 04, 2018

When God Says Go

by Carol Mason Shrader

On the Side - December 2017

On the Side | December 06, 2017

Choose to Serve

by Carol Mason Shrader

The Child Life Specialist was working with my 3-year-old triplets in an effort to prepare them all for Benjamin’s upcoming surgery.
“This is a doctor,” she told them patiently, as she held up a photograph of a man in dress clothes and tie.
“Now who do you think this is?” she asked, holding up a photo of the same man dressed in blue scrubs and a blue surgical scrub hat.
“Daddy!” my three screamed in unison.

On the Side - November 2017

On the Side | November 07, 2017

Someone Ahead, Someone Behind

by Shelly Wyrick

Costco delivers. We were at my friend Ingrid’s house for brunch when the delivery arrived. On a Sunday. Can you imagine the world’s largest members-only warehouse delivering to your home? Four gallons of milk. Two bags of dog food. Three loaves of French bread vacuum-wrapped together! Could we have it all brought to our doorsteps?

On the Side - October 2017

On the Side | October 04, 2017


by Carol Mason Shrader

Waiting might possibly be my least favorite activity. Seriously. I keep a bag in my van with yarn and a book—I can crochet and watch softball practice simultaneously, I can read and wait for theater rehearsals to end. And just in case I forget my handy-dandy bag o’ activities, I keep a large myriad of Words with Friends games going at all times so that I KNOW I can always play while I wait.

On the Side - September 2017

On the Side | September 07, 2017

What Next?
by Sharon Chatwell
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