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Publication Type Christian Doctor's Digest by Transgender

Christian Doctor's Digest - June 2018

Christian Doctor's Digest | June 01, 2018

In this month’s podcast, Dr. David Stevens chats with Dr. Walt Larimore about how to build a spiritual team in your practice, as well as about Grace Prescriptions. Next, Dr. Ryan Anderson joins him as he shares about his new book, When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment.

Christian Doctor's Digest - May 2018

Christian Doctor's Digest | May 10, 2018

In this month’s podcast, Dr. David Stevens is joined by Dr. Robert Orr to discuss autonomy in healthcare. His second interview is with Walt Heyer, a former transgender who now raises public awareness about the incidence of regret and the tragic consequences suffered as a result.

Christian Doctor's Digest - October 2016

Christian Doctor's Digest | September 28, 2016

How do we make good digital decisions for our kids? Dr. Charles Fay speaks with Dr. David Stevens about this topic in the October 2016 edition of Christian Doctor's Digest. Dr. Stevens also interviews Dr. Allan Josephson about transgender issues and Dr. Albert Mohler about the healthcare right of conscience.

Christian Doctor's Digest - August 2016

In the August 2016 edition of Christian Doctor's Digest, Dr. David Stevens discusses the topics of transgender identification with Dr. Karl Benzio, mission work in Cuba with Dr. Robert Lerer and today's guide to healthcare for consumers with Dr. Peter Anderson.

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