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Publication Type Commentaries - "the point" by Stem Cell Research

The Point - September 2014

In this edition:

  • Christian campus groups face persecution
  • Ice bucket challenge raises ethical concerns
  • CVS stops selling cigarettes

The Point - August 2014

In this edition:

  • The ethics behind the Ebola treatment serum
  • Recognizing and relating to a patient’s emotions
  • News agency blows nosey headline

The Point Washington Update - April 24, 2014

In this edition of The Point:

  • Researchers harvest stem cells from cloned human embryos
  • Assisted suicide advocates make their case in JAMA
  • SCOTUS hears case on free speech re: abortion in Obamacare

The Point - February 13, 2014

In this edition of The Point:

  • A new study shows religion helps toughen the brain
  • Brain-dead patient taken off life-support
  • New method for growing stem cells

The Point - September 5, 2013

In this edition of The Point:

  • Stem cells, tissues and regenerative medicine
  • Using social media in clinical practice
  • Hardwired for empathy

The Point - May 13, 2013

In this edition of The Point:

  • CMA physicians on human cloning study revelation
  • Vermont to legalize physician-assisted suicide
  • Use Of Embryo Donation As A Family Building Option

The Point - March 14, 2013

In this edition of The Point:

  • Personalized stem cell patch kit
  • Speak up on conscience bill

The Point - January 2012

  • Stem cell research often not disclosed
  • Retardation makes her unworthy of transplant
  • A breakdown of society?
  • The heartbreak of grief
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