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Publication Type Christian Doctor's Digest by Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

Christian Doctor's Digest - January 2018

Christian Doctor's Digest | January 10, 2018

Christian Doctor's Digest is now a monthly podcast, and in this edition Dr. David Stevens is joined by Laurence Worthen, the Executive Director of Christian Medical and Dental Society of Canada, with an update on physician-assisted suicide in Canada, as well as Nathan D’Jiim, one of the speakers at the Remedy Conference.

CDD Stat - October 2014

Christian Doctor's Digest | October 21, 2014

In this special issue of Christian Doctor’s Digest STAT, Dr. David Stevens discusses the issue of physician-assisted suicide with Kara Tippetts, a Colorado mother of four who has stage-four cancer and believes it is possible to die with dignity while cherishering every breath she has been given.

Christian Doctor's Digest - February 2014

Christian Doctor's Digest | February 01, 2014

On this edition of Christian Doctor's Digest, Dr. David Stevens is joined by Dr. Walt Larimore to discuss his book Ultimate Guys Body Book, Kennon Vaughan about Downline Ministries and Dr. David Hafer to discuss efforts to stop physician-assisted suicide in Montana. 

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