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Q&A with David Barbe, MD

Articles | December 01, 2017

In this article from the winter 2017 edition of Today's Christian Doctor, CMDA has an exclusive interview with David Barbe, MD, the President of the American Medical Association.

The Effect of legalizing Assisted Suicide on Palliative Care and Suicide Rates

Articles | April 11, 2017

Rebuttal article published by the Charlotte Lozier Institute in response to Compassion & Choices claim that Medical Aid In Dying laws have improved palliative care. The Effect of legalizing Assisted Suicide on Palliative Care and Suicide Rates

10 Reasons DC Assisted Suicide Should Be Overturned

Articles | By Jonathan Imbody | February 07, 2017

Eleven members of the District of Columbia Council decided in November 2016 to legalize assisted suicide, paving the way to providing DC citizens with lethal pills to kill themselves. 

Engage Your Government

How can Christians in healthcare address important issues facing healthcare in today's culture? In this collaborative article published in the winter 2016 edition of Today's Christian Doctor, CMDA members offer their advice for the best ways to engage with our government.

Care, Not Killing: The Most Excellent Way

Articles | By Margaret Cottle, MD, CCFP | August 25, 2015

Dr. Margaret Cottle discusses why palliative care, not physician-assisted suicide, is the right answer in this article published in the fall 2015 edition of Today's Christian Doctor.

Premature Termination of Life Is Not Palliative Care

Articles | By Andrè Van Mol, MD | June 23, 2015

Letter to the Editor of CHEST (American College of Chest Physicians) opposing physician-assisted suicide in response to article by Attorney Kathryn Tucker’s article pushing physicians to help patients dye.

Bracing for Battle and Joining the Fray

Articles | By Mandi Mooney, Margie Shealy | June 01, 2013

An article in the summer 2013 edition of Today's Christian Doctor that outlines CMDA's efforts in state grassroots public policy campaigns.

What are the arguments against legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia?

Articles | By Robert Orr, MD, CM | June 01, 2011

This article from Dr. Robert Orr published in the summer 2011 edition of Today's Christian Doctor focuses on the arguments against legalization of physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia. It also includes a special tear-out section to help you in protecting life.

Changing Hearts about Physician-Assisted Suicide

Articles | June 01, 2010

Dr. Richard Johnson shares his experiences providing testimony in New Hampshire to stop the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in this article from the summer 2010 edition of Today's Christian Doctor.

Preachers of Righteousness

Articles | By David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics) | December 01, 2008

Doctors willing to speak for righteousness should not be surprised when their opponents throw them to the lions. This article from Dr. David Stevens in the winter 2008 edition of Today's Christian Doctor is an overview of what CMDA is doing in the public square on behalf of its members.

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