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Abortion and Sex Issues Incite Opposition to Conscience Freedom Rule

The Point Blog | By Jonathan Imbody | May 02, 2018

In a continuing series of blogs on conscience in healthcare, Jonathan Imbody shares the discrimination stories of two nurses who faced losing their jobs for refusing to participate in abortions.

A Healthier Way Forward

The Point Blog | By Gene Rudd, MD | June 16, 2016

The New England Journal of Medicine just published an editorial doubting the viability of the health insurance exchanges established through the Affordable Care Act. What does this mean for the future of healthcare reform?

Join the Conversation

The Point Blog | May 21, 2015

Do you want to join the conversation regarding the recent article about the Affordable Care Act that was published in the summer 2015 edition of Today's Christian Doctor? We encourage you to share your thoughts and perspectives on this topic.

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