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Get Some R&R in 2017

Dental Blog | By Steve Cartin, MDiv | December 21, 2016

Perhaps a primer is needed as not all of us remember the TV series “M.A.S.H.” As it’s been a while since I was in the military, I wanted to make sure I knew what R&R really meant...

Delegate Like Jesus

Dental Blog | By Steve Cartin, MDiv | October 18, 2016

Following on from my last blog, Jesus, Practice Owner, this could be a next step. If Jesus serves as your role model for practice ownership, you will strive to approach the various tasks and relationships in practice in the way Jesus would. Few issues are more important and more challenging for dentists than delegation.

Felt Need

Dental Blog | By David Campbell, DDS | October 04, 2016

What is a felt need? It’s an interesting concept that was developed in missiology to help missionaries develop sensitivity for the needs of the communities they are called to serve. The opposite of felt need is selling snow to Eskimos.

Jesus, Practice Owner

Dental Blog | By Steve Cartin, MDiv | August 23, 2016

As a bi-vocational pastor and dental practice coach, I often hear from doctors that they would like to run their practices like Jesus would.  So what would that look like?

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