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Publication Type Christian Doctor's Digest by General Healthcare

Christian Doctor's Digest - November 2016

Christian Doctor's Digest | November 03, 2016

In this edition, Dr. David Stevens interviews Dr. Benjamin Mast about the power of the gospel during Alzheimer's disease, Chuck Thompson about his book Presence and Truth and Dr. Albert Mohler about leadership.

Christian Doctor's Digest - April 2016

In this edition of Christian Doctor's Digest, the guests include Phil Lees on the topic of comprehensive sex education, Jonathan Imbody on his new book Faith Steps and Dr. Richard Swenson on the state of healthcare.

Christian Doctor's Digest - October 2015

Christian Doctor's Digest | September 21, 2015

The latest edition of Christian Doctor's Digest with Dr. David Stevens features interviews with Dr. John West about his book Darwin Day in America, Dr. David Player about an executive healthcare practice model and Ronald W. Blue to answer the question, "How much is enough?"

Christian Doctor's Digest - August 2015

In the August 2015 edition of Today's Christian Doctor, Dr. David Stevens' guests include Dr. Warren Kinghorn about professionalism in medicine, Dr. Steve Furr about a rural medicine practice model and Dr. Robert Orr about CMDA's Same-Sex Marriage Statement.

Christian Doctor's Digest - June 2015

In the June 2015 edition of Christian Doctor's Digest, Dr. David Stevens is joined by Dr. John Patrick about getting into the public square, Dr. Peter Anderson about joyful and efficient patient care and Dr. John Dunlop about his book Wellness to the Glory of God.

Christian Doctor's Digest - February 2015

In the February 2015 edition of Christian Doctor's Digest, Dr. David Stevens is joined by Dr. Alveda King about her book King Rules, Dr. Steve Sartori and Dr. Ann Tsen about CMDA's new coaching program and Theresa Flores about human trafficking. 


Christian Doctor's Digest - November 2013

Christian Doctor's Digest | November 01, 2013

The special guests on this edition of Christian Doctor's Digest with Dr. David Stevens include Luis E. Lugo about Pew Forum "Nones", Tim Goeglein about his book The Man in the Middle, Dr. Al Weir about his weekly devotions for healthcare professionals and Erin Brynn about her book Finding Roses in the Dust.

Christian Doctor's Digest - May 2013

Christian Doctor's Digest | May 01, 2013

This edition of Christian Doctor's Digest features interviews with Dr. Robb Brandt about his book You Deserved A Better Father, Dr. Richard Swenson about his book Last Flight Out of Oz, Deena Graves about Traffick911 for victims of human trafficking and Jeff Medefind about a Christian alliance for orphans.

Christian Doctor's Digest - April 2013

Christian Doctor's Digest | April 01, 2013

In the April 2013 edition of Christian Doctor's Digest, Dr. David Stevens interviews Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith about her book Set Free to Live and Dr. Wendy Kang about medical malpractice.

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