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Publication Type Multimedia by Freedom of Faith and Conscience

Analysis of Oaths

Multimedia | By Robert Orr, MD, CM | May 19, 2016

A content analysis of oaths administered in medical scools in 1993 by Dr. Robert D. Orr and Dr. Norman Pang, Loma Linda University.

Healthcare Right of Conscience

PowerPoint by Dr. David Stevens on the freedom to practice healthare in accordance with deeply held religious, moral or ethical convictions. 

Right of Conscience PowerPoint

Multimedia | June 01, 2012

A PowerPoint produced by CMDA about healthcare right of conscience and its impact on healthcare in today's culture.

Right of Conscience Press Conference

Multimedia | April 09, 2009

Watch highlights from a press conference about protecting the right of conscience which was held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Conscience Clause - Federal Health Care Plan

A video from The 700 Club highlighting the need to protect the healthcare right of conscience in order to protect access to care for patients.

Right of Conscience Discrimination Stories

Multimedia | April 02, 2009

A video with personal stories about people who have been discriminated for trying to protect their religious freedoms in healthcare.

People Speak Out on Right of Conscience

Multimedia | April 02, 2009

A CMDA video explaining the importance of right of conscience protections and encouraging people to speak out.

Right of Conscience: A Serious Issue

Multimedia | March 31, 2009

A video explaining the importance of right of conscience and why it is such an important factor in protecting our religious freedoms.

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