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Publication Type Court Briefs by Freedom of Faith and Conscience

Masterpiece Cakeshop Amicus Brief

Court Briefs | September 12, 2017

Right of Conscience Brief filed with the Supreme Court of the United States with the question presented whether,  consistent with the First Amendment, an individual may be compelled, under color of nondiscrimination laws, to devote his or her creative efforts to the creation of custom products or services to be used to celebrate an event or relationship that he or she believes, by reason of faith or personal conviction, is immoral. 

Amici Brief - Illinois Healthcare Right of Conscience Act

Court Briefs | June 13, 2017

Brief filed by Americans United for Life in support of Plaintiffs, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Bruce Rauner and Bryan Schneider. 

Court Briefs

Court Briefs | April 23, 2014

Legal briefs for court cases CMDA has been involved in regarding right of conscience.

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