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Engage Your Government

How can Christians in healthcare address important issues facing healthcare in today's culture? In this collaborative article published in the winter 2016 edition of Today's Christian Doctor, CMDA members offer their advice for the best ways to engage with our government.

Bracing for Battle and Joining the Fray

Articles | By Mandi Mooney, Margie Shealy | June 01, 2013

An article in the summer 2013 edition of Today's Christian Doctor that outlines CMDA's efforts in state grassroots public policy campaigns.

Bioethics Series: Clinical Ethics Case Consultation

Articles | By Nick Yates, MD, MA (Bioethics) | December 01, 2009

This column in the bioethics series published in the winter 2009 edition of Today's Christian Doctor helps to answer this question, "When should the family challenge the patient’s medical directives?"

Bioethics Series: Shall We Support (or Shock) Him Until He Confesses His Faith

Articles | December 01, 2008

This installment in the bioethics series in the winter 2008 edition of Today's Christian Doctor answers the questions, "Shall we support (or shock) him until he confesses his faith?"

Clinical Ethics: The Doctor Who Wanted to Die

Articles | September 01, 2007

This is the third in a clinical ethics series published in the fall 2007 edition of Today's Christian Doctor.

Clinical Ethics: We Prolong Life in Order to Give a Patient Time to Decide About Faith?

Articles | March 01, 2007

This article from the spring 2007 edition of Today's Christian Doctor is the second installment in a clinical ethics series, and it focuses on the ethics of prolonging life in order to give a patient time to decide about faith.

Clinical Ethics Series: To Intubate or Not to Intubate?

Articles | By Robert Orr, MD, CM | September 01, 2006

The first in a new series of cases presentations regarding ethical dilemmas in clinical practice, by Dr. Robert Orr and published in the fall 2006 edition of Today's Christian Doctor.

A Biblical Perspective on End of Life Issues

Articles | By John Dunlop, MD | March 01, 2005

How should Christians come to the end of life? What is the appropriate use of technology to prolong life? Dr. John Dunlop explores these questions in an article published in the spring 2005 edition of Today's Christian Doctor.

The "H" in Hospice Stands for "Hope"

Articles | June 01, 2003

Dr. James Avery shares how Christian healthcare professionals are in a unique position to help dying patients realistically live their final days with hope founded in truth and faith in this article from the summer 2003 edition of Today's Christian Doctor.

Death Came Calling

Articles | March 01, 2001

Dr. James Avery shares his personal experience of sharing Christ with a patient who was near the end of his life in this article published in the spring 2001 edition of Today's Christian Doctor.

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