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Abortion and Sex Issues Incite Opposition to Conscience Freedom Rule

The Point Blog | By Jonathan Imbody | May 02, 2018

In a continuing series of blogs on conscience in healthcare, Jonathan Imbody shares the discrimination stories of two nurses who faced losing their jobs for refusing to participate in abortions.

How We Got Where We Are: Same-Sex Reproduction

There are many examples of issues that were once unthinkable slowly becoming somewhat accepted, then becoming ordinary and commonplace, and eventually, for many in society, becoming the new standard of normality. In this week’s blog post, Dr. Robert Cranston discusses one of these issues that uses human embryonic stem cells.

Calling All Advocates

What happens when the reporting in news becomes more “advocacy” than “news?” In this week’s blog post, Dr. D. Joy Riley addresses this question by examining three recent healthcare news stories focused on the topic of abortion that face scrutiny for their misinformation and misleading errors.

Shift Health Funds Away from Abortion Industry

The Point Blog | February 02, 2017

Earlier this month, CMDA urged Congressional leaders to shift health funds toward federal centers and away from abortion industry. On The Point blog this week, Jonathan Imbody shares the letter written by CMDA’s CEO Dr. David Stevens to House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell regarding this shift.

Mail-order Abortions

As abortion clinics across America have become fewer and further between, a new way of obtaining abortions has emerged—telemedicine and the use of mail-order abortifacients. But is this relatively new process dangerous for patients? Dr. Robert Cranston delves into this issue to discuss the risks involved with mail-order abortions.

Post-Christian Paganism and Christian Opportunity

The Point Blog | By Andrè Van Mol, MD | October 27, 2016

A 50-foot reproduction of the entry arch to the Temple of Baal went up in London this year and is soon to be in New York City. What does the Canannite “Lord” of fertility, rain and agriculture have to do with Christians in healthcare in 2016? Dr. Andrè Van Mol answers that question and more in this week’s blog post.

When Politics Enter the Exam Room

A new study published in September claims Democratic and Republican physicians provide different care on politicized health issues. Is this true? Dr. Joy Riley takes a close look at the actual study and how its results impact Christians in healthcare.

“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?”

The Point Blog | By Amy Givler, MD | August 18, 2016

"What is it about vaccination that sparks polarization and strong emotion?" "Why would any parent hesitate for a moment to protect their child from diseases that killed or maimed so many millions over the course of history?" These were questions Dr. Amy Givler says she truly didn’t know the answer to until the day she sat in her pediatrician’s office with her precious 2-month-old firstborn. As a mother and healthcare professional, she breaks down the debate surrounding vaccines and the responsibility we have to our patients in healthcare.

The Law of Unintended Outcomes

Are we seeing the unintended consequences of governmental decision-making and policy setting in healthcare here in the United States? Dr. Robert Cranston explores this topic by looking at how government-mandated public access to rates of surgical complications has created new problems in the United Kingdom.

Political Parties Contrasted on Life Issues

The Point Blog | By Jonathan Imbody | August 04, 2016

Both major political parties recently issued new platforms that communicate contrasting core values to the American people. Vice President for Government Relations Jonathan Imbody breaks down where each party stands on the life issues of particular concern to readers of this blog: abortion, sex education, embryos and stem cell research and assisted suicide.

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