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Publication Type Letters by Abortion

Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Letter

Letters | January 22, 2018

Letters to Senator Mitch McConnell from Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator James Lankford, Senator Steve Daines, Senator Roy Blunt, Senator Joni Ernst and coalition regarding voting on Pain-Capable bill.

Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act Coalition Letter

Letters | September 20, 2017

Letter to Representative Kevin McCarthy regarding the "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" (H.R. 36). 

American Health Care Act Pro-Life Letter

Letters | June 13, 2017

A letter sent to Senators on June 12, 2017 highlighting the importance of pro-life protections in the Republican “replacement” to Obamacare. Pro-life groups cannot accept a healthcare bill that funds abortion. This group letter insists on a solution that does not involve abortion funding. You can view this letter here.

Letter to American Academy of Pediatrics

Letters | February 06, 2017

Letter to the American Academy of Pediatrics voicing opposition to their support for abortion as a "right" of adolescents.

Coalition Letter to Congress on Excluding Abortion from Healthcare Programs

Letters | February 06, 2017

A letter urging Republican Members of Congress to keep abortion funding out of their health reform package.

Letter to Speaker Paul Ryan and Other Legislators

Letters | June 23, 2016

CMDA CEO Dr. David Stevens and Jonathan Imbody Vice President for Government Relations for CMA joins 18 others in this letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Fred Upton, Marsha Blackburn, Nancy Pelosi, Frank Pallone and Jan Schakowsky documenting the horrible atrocities of Planned Parenthood calling for defunding them.

U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Letters | July 22, 2014

Forty-six national leaders including CMA signed this letter urging the U.S. Senate to reject the U.N. Disabilities Treaty.

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