Weekly Devotions

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Weekly Devotions - January 30, 2018

Picking at It

“Jesus turned and said to Peter, ‘Get behind me, Satan!’” (Matthew 16:23a, NIV 1984).

I had just finished at my journal club and was headed home when my nurse daughter called. “I’m headed for the emergency room. Nora sucked a bead up her nose. I’ve done everything I can to get it out, picking at it, sucking on a straw, and I just keep pushing it deeper. Hold it; I think I’ll stop and try one more thing.” Later she called me. “It worked! I blocked her other nostril and blew hard into her mouth. It took three times, but the bead popped out. I’m headed home.”

To what in our lives do we need to just say, “I’m done with that!!”
What sin or nagging doubt or fear have we been picking at, where we just need to take a deep breath and blow it away?
I may be wrong in my understanding of the Scripture, but I believe Jesus reached that point. Jesus was tempted throughout His ministry, and not just in the wilderness. One of those moments of temptation came when Peter refused the pathway of the cross that Jesus had planned. When Jesus cried out, “Get behind me, Satan!”, He was not so much shouting at Peter as He was blowing Satan away, as Satan was again offering an alternative way to bring God’s kingdom on earth. 
There are times in our lives where we need to do the same. 
This week was one of them for me. 
All of us are faced with temptations. Only Jesus conquered them all. All of us are faced with doubts and fears. Only Jesus can conquer them all for us.
As we mature in Christ, we will come to crossroad times in our lives where we will again face temptations, or doubts, or fears that we have many times faced before.
Perhaps now is the time to say, “Enough! I’ve been here before with my Lord and thought I was done with this.” Perhaps it is time, with the power of God, to just squeeze the other nostril and blow it out of our lives. Perhaps it is time, regardless of the feared consequences or dreaded loss, to say with Christ, “Get behind me, Satan! I’m done with you here.”  

Dear God, 
Fill me with your breath, to blow away the sins and doubts that I have been picking at.