Weekly Devotions

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Weekly Devotions - February 6, 2018

Pointing Upward

“But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven and saw the glory of God…” (Acts 7:55, NIV 1984).

Ricardo spoke with a vibrator through his artificial voice box. His laryngeal cancer had been cured, but now he had a new lung cancer to deal with. I spoke to him, “Ok, let’s take care of this and then be done with cancers.” He looked up and pointed upward, his eyes moist with the truth of life. I knew what he meant. “You’re right. The Lord is in charge.” I went home with the vision of him pointing upward burned into my brain and the sound of my words playing over and over, trying to make them fit the trials that make it so hard for me to point upwards. With the image of this vibrator-dependent patient, facing his second cancer, pointing to the God of the Universe, I realize that my difficulty in directional pointing is not related so much to the severity of my struggle as it is to the frailty of my faith.

How can we think so much and believe so little? Why can’t we always “believe it until it seeps from our bones and fills up our hearts,” with belief that sees life as it is and trusts life as it is, with the Lord in charge—instead of imagining life as we most fear it?

Of course, many Christians do, and much of my life I do.

By God’s grace, His Spirit does often provide us a true vision of life as it is: with Him in charge—much of the time.

But why not now? Why not always?

I guess I’m not there yet.

I guess God still has work to do on my mind and heart.

But, praise His name, He does send us flashes of truth at times that refocus our vision and strengthen our heart. Flashes of truth like sicknesses healed, sinners redeemed, relationships restored, direction provided, emptiness filled, a patient who cannot speak but still points upward—all impossible except by His power and grace—all sufficient for the moment to see life as it is with the Lord in charge.

Dear God,
Help me to always look upward to see your glory when the world drags my vision to the ground. Amen