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Weekly Devotions - February 24, 2015

Skipping the Blessings

“The woman said to him, ‘Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and have to keep coming here to draw water’” (John 4:15, NIV 2011).

As I was driving in to begin seeing patients this morning, I completed my morning prayers. God thumped me when I realized what I was doing. Two days ago I had been fervently asking God to help my daughter and her daughter with two significant illnesses that might have been quite serious. And now, I caught myself praying for new needs for my family and realized that I was skipping over the answered prayers of yesterday to get to the needs of today. I was praying for my daughter and had not mentioned my thanks for the resolved serious infection I had prayed for two days before. I was praying for my granddaughter and had completely breezed by the healing of her leg that might have been a serious earlier this week. What is wrong with my heart?

Skipping the blessings to get to the needs. How many times a day?
What does it take for me to remain thankful longer than a moment for each prayer that my God answers and for the blessings that come my way even before I pray?
Perhaps I need to regiment it into my prayer life, to somehow refuse to ask for anything for someone without first thanking God for His blessings toward that person in the past. That might work if I really practiced. But that sounds so contrived and religious and Pharisaic.
I want my thanksgiving and praise to bubble up naturally, like that spring of living water Jesus promised the woman at the well. I want to be thankful, not just do thankful.
Thank God He is not finished with me yet. Thank God that the more I draw close to the one who met that woman at her well, the more I live in obedience and relationship, then the more likely I will find that spring of thanksgiving well up and overflow from the life that Jesus has changed within me.

Dear God,
I do thank you for all you have done for those I love. Help me to use that thanksgiving as a springboard to joy with you.


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