Weekly Devotions

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Weekly Devotions - February 20, 2018

The Truth of Life

“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth” (John 16:13a, NIV 1984).

Clydette Powell is a dear friend and pediatric neurologist in the Washington, D.C. area. She has traveled throughout the world, caring for the suffering through USAID. Her mother has been gravely ill, recently discharged from the hospital with an inflammatory pulmonary disorder. Clydette and her mother love the Lord and I was blessed by Clydette’s recent email. After informing us of her mother’s serious illness and present status, Clydette wrote: “Through all this, I remain grateful that my mom is still around. I hope she will get better, as we are not ready to say ‘goodbye;’ but I also know that each person’s path is determined not by man, but by the Almighty. A remarkable friend of mine from church was in the hospital room next to ours last week. He died yesterday. My age. A gain for heaven, but what a loss for us still on earth. Causes one to ponder, reflect, re-prioritize, refocus....”

Can you see all the truth of life wrapped up in these few sentences? Truth flowing naturally from the life of a Christian physician observing life as it is:

Gratitude: Though her mother is seriously ill and close to heaven, Clydette voices not anger or bitterness, but gratitude that she has had her mother for so long.
Hope: Things on this earth may still work out with happiness and there is also a wonderful good beyond that happiness in heaven.
Love: This is her mother. This is real: “…we are not ready to say, ‘goodbye’….”
Confidence: “I know that each person’s path is determined, not by man, but by the Almighty.”
Direction: “A remarkable friend died yesterday…A gain for heaven.” 
Focus: “Causes one to ponder, reflect, re-prioritize, refocus....”

Such a beautiful, heartfelt note of wisdom and truth. We all are going through “stuff” in our lives. Can we see the truth of life within our struggles as Clydette does in hers? Are we grateful for all our blessings in spite of present trials? Do we hope in the Lord, both for this life and for the next? Have we layered our circumstances with the love of Christ and let it overflow to those around us? Have we the confidence that our future and the future of those we love are in the hands of the Almighty? Have we chosen our target for life and are headed straight for the voice of Jesus? Do we need to change the order of our priorities, that we may hear His voice more clearly above the clanging world, that we might do the necessary? There may not be time left for the extra. It is when we most struggle in life that the true nature of our lives is revealed. Thank God for His true nature in Dr. Powell, placed there by a lifelong walk with the God who is willing to change us into His likeness, who is willing to help us see the truth of life.

Dear God,
Change me until I can see the truth of life.