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US House hears testimony on profiting from baby parts

By Jonathan Imbody | April 21, 2016

Excerpted from "House Panel Documents Point to Planned Parenthood Profits from Aborted Baby Parts,", April 20, 2016 - Financial documents discovered by a congressional investigative panel allegedly show that Planned Parenthood has profited from the sale of the body parts of babies aborted in its clinics.

The House Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives was created to investigate fetal tissue practices in the abortion industry. The impetus was provided by the release of videos last summer which exposed Planned Parenthood’s apparent practices of selling the body parts of aborted babies and altering the position of babies during abortion to harvest the most intact organs.

Although Planned Parenthood has denied any wrongdoing in its sale of body parts, the abortion business also released a statement last October announcing it would no longer accept payments for aborted fetal tissue.

A new white paper on the pricing of fetal tissue, produced by the House panel, notes that “to profit from the acquisition or transfer of fetal tissue violates Title 42 USC §289 g-2, which prohibits the transfer of any fetal tissue for valuable consideration that exceeds the reasonable costs associated with the procurement.” The white paper and accompanying exhibits highlight three important discoveries made by the panel.

First, fetal tissue procurement companies – such as StemExpress, which was featured in the investigative videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) – appear to do all of the work in the fetal tissue transfer, with no cost to abortion clinics such as Planned Parenthood, allegedly allowing the abortion companies to receive millions of dollars in pure profit.

Second, by 2015, StemExpress was working with nearly 100 abortion clinics. Approximately 1 in every 5 abortion facilities nationwide was involved in the sale of the body parts of aborted babies to StemExpress. Just prior to the release of the CMP investigative videos, the tissue procurement business was about to have access to over 50 percent of the abortion market.

Third, CMP’s video exposé was just the tip of the iceberg regarding the relationship between Planned Parenthood and StemExpress. The House Select panel is holding a hearing on Wednesday to examine its documents and exhibits and consider the issue of whether abortion clinics and other “middleman businesses” were violating federal law by profiting from the transfer of aborted fetal tissue.


Jonathan ImbodyCMA VP for Government Relations Jonathan Imbody: “I have met with staff of the House Select Panel on Infant Lives and have appreciated the panel’s commitment to thorough and reliable investigation, which was on display at this week’s hearing that I attended. Federal law (42 USC §289 g-2(a)) is clear: ‘It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly acquire, receive or otherwise transfer any human fetal tissue for valuable consideration if the transfer affects interstate commerce.’ The law allows only for ‘reasonable payments’ that provide reimbursement for actual costs incurred.

“According to documents obtained by the panel, one tissue procurement business brochure summed up the goal in its marketing brochure: ‘[We] promote global biomedical research while providing a financial benefit to your [abortion] clinic,’ describing the transactions as ‘financially profitable.’ This one business was poised to ratify a lucrative contract with 250 abortion clinics around the country when secretly recorded videos ripped the curtain off the baby parts selling industry and Planned Parenthood’s complicity to the nation.

“House Panel documents reveal the concentration camp-like efficiency of the baby parts procurement scheme:

  • The Procurement Tech ‘gets an email…reads the orders for certain baby body parts and the gestation period. Now she knows what she needs to harvest that day.’
  • ‘She asks for the patients by name. Then she convinces them to consent to donate saying that her donation is all about cures of diabetes and Parkinson’s and heart disease.’
  • ‘After the abortion the procurement tech collects the baby’s remains and procures the body parts she needs.’
  • ‘The tissue tech then arranges for delivery: a courier, FedEx.’
  • ‘She gets an hourly wage and a bonus for each tissue.’

“In all of this, the abortion clinic appears to incur no costs that might qualify under the law as reasonable reimbursement for actual costs. The Panel thus reasons, ‘If the Abortion Clinic has no reasonable costs to be reimbursed, it raises an inference that it sold the human fetal tissue for a profit.’

“After the procurement company obtains the baby body parts from the clinic, researchers pay the company for the body parts. An example of prices follows:

  • Fetal brains: one each = $3,340
  • Human fetal tissue: 10 at $595 each = $5,950
  • Upper and lower limbs with hands and feet = $890
  • Baby skull matched to upper and lower limbs = $595

“So this is where we have arrived. This is the end result of ‘sexual liberation,’ court-mandated abortion on demand, the symbiotic relationship between politicians and Planned Parenthood, narcissism and ‘reproductive choice.’ Baby brains harvested and sold for $3,340. Now that we all know, now that we all see, who can remain silent? The only choice left is justice or judgment.”


Keep your tax dollars from funding abortion businesses - S 51, HR 217 use our fast and easy Freedom2Care pre-written form to contact your legislators “If you are an individual working for an abortion clinic, in the fetal tissue industry, doing biotech research or have information you believe would be pertinent to our investigation, please submit it using the form below. Any personal information that you provide us will be kept in strict confidence.”

House Panel white paper on fetal tissue procurement
House Select Panel on Infant Lives
Human Life: It’s Moral Worth Ethics Statement

Majority Witness Testimony
Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) testimony, video and text (@SenSasse)

Mr. Brian Lennon, Partner with Warner Norcross & Judd and Former Federal Prosecutor, video and text

Mr. Michael Norton, Attorney with Thomas N. Scheffel & Associates, P.C., former US Attorney for Colorado under Presidents Reagan and H.W. Bush, video and text

Ms. Catherine Glenn Foster, Associate Scholar with the Charlotte Lozier Institute, CEO and General Counsel for Sound Legal, video and text

Mr. Kenneth Sukhia, Sukhia Law Group and former US Attorney under President H.W. Bush, video and text

Minority Witness Testimony
Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)

Ms. Fay Clayton, Robinson Curley & Clayton, P.C.

Mr. Robert Raben, The Raben Group

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