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Tell Me Why

September 22, 2017

by Rev. Stan Key

"For the love of Christ controls us.." (2 Corinthians 5:14, ESV).

The real question that must be answered when it comes to missions is not Where? or How? Or even Who? The real question is Why? If we can answer this question, all other questions will take care of themselves. I have discovered at least eight reasons why we should be actively and passionately involved in sharing the Good News of salvation both across the street and around the world.

  1. Obedience. Matthew 28:19-20 is not called the Great Suggestion. It is called the Great Commission because it is a command, an order. Don't wait for some mystical calling. Obey! Jim Elliot asked, "Why do you need a voice when you have a verse?"
  2. Justice. God's blessings are meant to be shared (Luke 12:48). William Borden stated the matter powerfully, "If 10 men were carrying a log, nine of them on the little end and one at the heavy end, and you wanted to help, which end would you lift?"
  3. Final Judgement. God will hold us accountable if we fail to share the message with those around us (Ezekiel 3:16- 21). When asked if those heathen who had never heard the gospel could be saved, Charles Spurgeon responded, "It is more a question with me whether we, who have the gospel and fail to give it to those who have not, can be saved."
  4. Love. How can we obey the second commandment (Matthew 22:39) if we do not show concern for our neighbor's soul? Alexander Duff put it well, "I will lay my bones by the Ganges that India might know there is one who cares."
  5. Christ's Return. When we share the gospel with others, we are actually hastening the day of Christ's return. "This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come" (Matthew 24:14, NASB). 
  6. Personal Blessings. Those who cling to possessions and seek security by playing it safe will lose both. But those who surrender to Christ and obey His call will find blessing upon blessing (Matthew 19:29, Luke 9:24, Acts 23:35). 
  7. No Other Name. Only the name of Jesus has the power to save (John 14:6, Acts 4:12). All other names (Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, Marx, Freud, etc.) lead to hell. 
  8. Societal Improvement. The most important thing we can do to improve society (poverty, malnutrition, trafficking, disease, AIDS, war, racism, etc.) is to preach a gospel that transforms the human heart. Only redeemed people can redeem culture. 
  9. Revival. Some think revival is the cause of missions. Perhaps the truth is just the opposite! Don't wait for a visitation of the Spirit to get involved. Get involved and then see God move! Christ promised His presence to those who go (Matthew 28:19-20).

Give up your small ambitions and get involved in the only cause that matters! 

Point to Ponder: What hinders you most from sharing the gospel with others? 

Prayer Focus: People you know who are spiritually lost. 

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