Today's Christian Doctor

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Today's Christian Doctor - Summer 1995

Volume 26, Number 3

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Guilt, Grace and Sexual Sin
By the grace of God, even a hurt as deep as infidelity can be healed
by Scott Cobel, MD, and Karen Cobel

Christians Who Happen to Be Doctors
How to stay focused on the real goals of healing in Jesus' name
by Willy Foster, MD

Death—An Unwelcome Stranger
Can Christian doctors reintroduce the value of faith in the face of dying?
by Leonard Sax, MD, PhD

Physician, Pastor...or Both?
An interview with the Rev. David H. Barnhouse, MD
by David Biebel, DMin

Reflections on Personhood
Why human embryo experimentation must be vigorously opposed
by Curtis E. Harris, MD, JD

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