Today's Christian Doctor

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Today's Christian Doctor - Fall 1995

Volume 26, Number 5

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In medicine, as in life, change is inevitable. How change impacts you and those you love, however, will depend on your choices.
by Thomas W. Stewart, Jr., MD

A Trophy of God's Grace
Even cancer can't discourage Betty Peirsol-Hoffman, MD
Based on an interview with David Biebel, DMin, and Ruth Bolton, MD

A Philosophical Proof for the End of the Age
A futurist analyzes the trends and where they must inevitably lead
by Richard A. Swenson, MD

Banishing Burnout
Three major causes of professional burnout, and how to prevent it
by Amy Givler, MD

The Seductive Patient: The Vulnerable Doctor
How to avoid falling into the pit of professional sexual misconduct
by Gregg R. Albers, MD, FAAFP (based on a workship by Merville O. Vincent, MD)

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