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Reflecting Christian Values in Your Advance Directives

Filling out an Advance Directive should be more than simply executing a legal form. It is an opportunity to reflect on the values that you want to inform the choices made near the end of your life. This will be helpful whether you are conscious and able to make your own decisions or if someone else is making those decisions on your behalf. Take a few moments and reflect on your values and allow them to dictate how you wish to approach the end of your life. As you do, it is important to consider not only the medical issues but the spiritual issues as well.

This resource helps you to answer basic questions that will guide you as you prepare advanced directives.

Download file Advance Directives Part 1
Download file Advance Directives Part 2

The American Hospital Association  and the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization offer free, state-specific advance directives and advice for communicating your wishes to family and close friends.