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Planned Parenthood shooting condemned; parallel noted

By David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics) | December 03, 2015

Excerpted from "The Darkest of Black Fridays," FRC Washington Update commentary by Tony Perkins - Planned Parenthood has always been a grim place, but last Friday, its Colorado clinic was the scene of different kind of tragedy. In a senseless shooting, one disgruntled man took the lives of three innocent people and wounded several more in a terrible atrocity that cast a somber shadow over the holiday. Regardless of what the gunman's motives may be (and the media has suggested several), we strongly condemned this violence. All of us at the Family Research Council join with the pro-life movement in praying for the injured officers and families who lost loved ones.

Unfortunately, FRC can strongly empathize with the victims at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado after a homosexual activist, Floyd Lee Corkins, walked into our lobby in 2012 with enough ammunition to kill the entire staff. Were it not for the heroic acts of Leo Johnson, Corkins's act of domestic terrorism (which he admits was inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center) would have been equally deadly.

Whatever this shooter's intent, it's only through peaceful means—not violence—that we can truly become a nation that once again values all human life, born and unborn.

While police try to sort out the facts of this horrific rampage, many on the Left are using the tragedy as an excuse to indict the entire pro-life movement. "Politicians need to stop escalating the rhetoric against Planned Parenthood," one abortion group insisted, "and that means by and large the Republican Party." But this shooting isn't the fault of politicians (many of whom are trying to uphold the same human dignity this gunman grossly violated) or a movement driven by mercy and love.

In the meantime, the facts aren't hate speech, as Ryan Bomberger explains. "Exposing the inner-workings of Planned Parenthood in an undercover investigation isn't 'hateful rhetoric;' it enables illuminating and civil discussion about inhumane barbarity." And it is that same inhumanity that Congress—and all of us—must strive to end.


Dr. David StevensCMDA CEO David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics): “Two wrongs never make a right. You have probably heard this phrase before, just like I heard it from my mother at a young age when I retaliated against my brother for hitting me.

“Unjustly taking lives is always wrong, whether it is an abortionist working in a Planned Parenthood clinic or a gunman shooting people in that same clinic. Whatever the motives, CMDA condemns violence that kills anyone.

“Even before the shooter’s motives were clear, Planned Parenthood, still reeling from the negative publicity of selling baby body parts, eagerly grasped onto the incident to negatively brand those among the public and political realm who oppose them. They are deeply concerned that their government funding of more than a half billion dollars could be curtailed or eliminated.

“I wasn’t surprised by their branding. In my experience debating Planned Parenthood and their supporters on television and radio, I’ve found they are willing to say anything and attack anyone who speaks out against them. On NPR, a Planned Parenthood lawyer told me, ‘You have no business being a physician if you are not willing to provide a legal procedure.’

“While abhorring the violence, pro-life supporters have been boldly speaking the truth about abortion for more than 40 years. As we do that, we need to remind ourselves to always speak that truth in love. Christ died for the abortionist and the Colorado gunman, just as He died for you and me. He loves each one of us the same.”

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