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Opting Out of Medicare

Associated File: Opting Out of Medicare

This powerpoint from CMDA Member Curtis E. Harris, MD, JD offers information about opting out of medicare for healthcare professionals facing malpractice lawsuits. The opinions expressed in these materials by Dr. Harris are his own and do not reflect those of CMDA. You should always seek to corroborate the information with your independent research, your own legal counsel and with your heart through the Holy Bible.

Curtis E. Harris, MD, JD is the Chief of Endocrinology for the Chickasaw Indian Nation and Director of the Chickasaw Nation Diabetes Care Center. Dr. Harris received a Juris Doctorate from the Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1994 and is a specialist in medical law. Dr. Harris founded the CMDA Medical Malpractice Ministry in 1995, and has personally counseled more than 400 healthcare professionals who have been sued for malpractice or have had other practice-related legal problems.