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New CMDA-related book equips readers to communicate on controversies

By Jonathan Imbody | August 20, 2015

Excerpted from "New book encourages and equips people of faith to engage on controversial issues," Freedom2Care blog, August 8, 2015 - How can we remain true to the core teachings of our faith and winsomely engage others on controversial issues like sex, marriage, abortion, religious freedom, human trafficking and end of life issues?

As aggressive activists and ideologues try to eject persons of faith from the public square, we need to know and hold fast to the truth...and help others choose the path that leads to life, liberty and true happiness.

Following are excerpts from Faith Steps, a new book by CMA VP for Government Relations Jonathan Imbody, which equips people of faith to communicate on controversial issues:

Engaging others: "People make their own choices; we are simply informing their self-interest. In love and compassion, offering evidence and reason, we simply present the clear choices and draw a line to the benefits or harms likely to result from those choices."

Marriage: "By uprooting and replacing the definition of marriage with a subjective notion based on emotional relationship ... no rational parameters remain that would exclude further redefinitions of 'marriage' as between multiple partners, related persons, or even persons and non-persons."

Faith freedom: "While we can take comfort in the companionship of such a 'great cloud of witnesses' who have suffered for the faith, we also must fight for religious freedom while we have the freedom to do so."

Abortion: "Abortion advocates commonly contend that health and safety regulations, such as regulations required of other surgical facilities, would shut down their clinics. What does that tell you about the level of safety women encounter in abortion clinics?"

Worldview: "If we are each making up our own truth, each arriving at different conclusions, what do we do when our individually made-up worldviews conflict? One of two things can happen: coexistence or domination."

Euthanasia: "Then, Xandra says, her father-in-law suddenly cried out. He said, 'I don’t want to die!' Xandra frantically looked to the doctor and at the others in the room. 'But no one was reacting.' Franz died from that second injection, whether he really wanted to or not."

Human trafficking: "The big ideas in our White House meeting agenda included developing a strategy to conduct medical research to establish the links between human trafficking and prostitution, AIDS, tuberculosis and other communicable diseases."

Sex ed: "Totally bereft of any reason to convince teens to wait, 'comprehensive' sex education focuses on trying to merely reduce rather than avoid the harm."

Faith and politics: "Christian engagement in government and policy advocacy offers an opportunity to show skeptics that faith can work in the real world–even in the intensely challenging, often battering world of public policy."

Engaging in culture: "We will seek to understand critically where a work of art, music or literature syncs with God's principles and where it diverges."

CMDA Endorsements:

"A clear, poignant presentation of how to become a person of faith and have that faith transform your life and culture." – Christian Medical & Dental Associations Senior Vice President Gene Rudd

"The chapter on worldview is worth the cost of the book by itself! A must-read for anyone who is serious about living out their faith." – Global Health Outreach Director Col. Donald Thompson, MD

Purchase your paperback copy of Faith Steps from CMDA’s bookstore (order toll free at 888-230-2637) or at Amazon or the Kindle e-version at Amazon.

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