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Publications Associated With Ministries And Missions

Seasons Come, Seasons Go: Time to Plant

Dental Blog | Steve Cartin, MDiv | March 23, 2018

Just as every practice will one day transition, so also every season of leadership in which God has placed us will one day come to an end. When it does, how will your life’s story be written? What legacy will you leave?

On the Side - February 2018

On the Side | March 23, 2018

Rate of Perceived Exertion

by Sharon Kay Chatwell

Christian Music and Dentistry

Dental Blog | Krystal Donaldson | March 23, 2018

“I like this song” were the starting words of what turned into a 10-minute conversation about Jesus.

Bringing Heaven to Earth

Dental Blog | John Van der Werff, DDS | March 23, 2018

God has given each of us a purpose in life. Starting with the big picture, it is to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. And secondly, we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

On the Side - January 2018

On the Side | March 23, 2018

When God Says Go

by Carol Mason Shrader

Making Cake for Days

Dental Blog | Jennifer Wade, DDS | March 23, 2018

No believer in Christ would deny that we are called to serve the poor. Whether we actually do it or not is another matter. There are many reasons why we should, so what are the reasons why we don’t? Time? Lack of resources? Lack of desire? Are any of those good enough reasons not to obey the Lord’s command on our lives? 

Time for a Checkup!

Dental Blog | Steve Cartin, MDiv | March 23, 2018

Time for an end-of-year checkup. Business will perk up just after the New Year. By March, the restorative work found from increased January and February hygiene appointments will begin to fill the schedule with the promise of a better year. But from my experience, November and December are the months when practice owners want to talk to a consultant like myself. It’s a time when perhaps they are close enough to the end of the year to see that the numbers aren’t adding up like they had hoped.

The Shadow of Empire: Christian Missions, Colonial Policy, and Democracy in Postcolonial Societies

Articles | March 23, 2018

A dissertation submitted to the faculty of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Statistical analysis confirms the centrality of missions in expanding education and fostering democracy.

The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy

Articles | March 23, 2018

This article demonstrates historically and statistically that conversionary Protestants (CPs) heavily influenced the rise and spread of stable democracy around the world.

On the Side - December 2017

On the Side | March 23, 2018

Choose to Serve

by Carol Mason Shrader

The Child Life Specialist was working with my 3-year-old triplets in an effort to prepare them all for Benjamin’s upcoming surgery.
“This is a doctor,” she told them patiently, as she held up a photograph of a man in dress clothes and tie.
“Now who do you think this is?” she asked, holding up a photo of the same man dressed in blue scrubs and a blue surgical scrub hat.
“Daddy!” my three screamed in unison.

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