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Meaning in Life

By John Van der Werff, DDS | November 15, 2016

by John Van der Werff, DDS

I would like to expand more on the topic of meaning in life.  For more detailed information, I found Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller helpful.

Meaning in life has to do with our lives having some purpose and significance. If we have meaning in our lives, we are aware of some overall purpose and have assurance we’re making a difference by serving some good beyond ourselves.

Timothy Keller points out that there are two types of meaning: what we create and what is always there. 
Created meaning is meaning that gives our lives value by doing things, by having things or through relationships with people. For example, having a respected career, owning an impressive house or knowing an important person can bring meaning to our lives. However, meaning created from any of these is temporary and can devastate someone when those things go away. In other words, when a career fails and our meaning is based upon it, then we no longer have any meaning.

Meaning that is always there is the type of meaning that is always available—despite what we do, the people we are associated with or what we have. God gives us meaning because we have a relationship with Him, He loves us and He has a purpose for us. God’s love is not because of anything we own or do, but it is based on a relationship with God. But unlike people we know, God does not leave us or die. Without God, there can be no everlasting meaning in our lives.

What kind of meaning do you have?

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