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It's the Small Things

By Christina Kopriva, MD | April 28, 2015

My mom used to tell me this phrase often while growing up: “It’s the small things.” It was her way of reminding me to notice and remember the small things God does in our lives to show us that He’s there and that He cares so that we can trust Him in the bigger and harder things of life.

There have been many instances in my life, but here are a few I treasure. I love opals and had wanted to go to Australia for years to go “noodling,” which means digging through the opal mine tailings to see what you can find. My parents, sister and I finally made the trip, but there were hundreds of dirt piles and we weren’t finding much. We then went to a place where you could noodle in the fresher tailings from an active mine. I found a 5 carat opal that I had cut, polished and made into a necklace. I was the only family member to find a big opal and every time I wear it, it reminds me that God cares even about the small desires of my heart…enough to give me a rock.

Another “small thing” was a college friend I hadn’t seen in a while. God put her on my heart and I wrote her a letter of encouragement which I felt very awkward doing because I had no idea why I was writing it. I heard back from her a few weeks later that my letter had arrived the day after her grandmother passed away. I didn’t even know her grandmother was sick, but God did and He allowed me to be a part of her story.

Another occurred more recently when God put it on my heart to send some money to a different college friend I hadn’t seen for about seven years. She wrote me a week later and told me my gift had arrived in the same mail with an ER bill for her daughter and it covered the bill with a little to spare.

Finally, this week I was trying to get tickets for our Bible study for a Christian play coming into town. The special wasn’t working online and the person on the phone for the box office said it must not be valid if it wasn’t working online anymore. So I ended up driving into town to get the tickets in person. Not only did God provide a metered parking spot directly in front of the theater that had money in it already (the parking spot alone is almost a miracle) but she was able to give me all nine tickets at the special price even though it was for groups of four tickets.

It’s remembering these small things that remind me of how good God is, and that helps me through the harder times like losing my harp teacher to a heart attack, my brother’s cancer, losing my grandmother in a house fire and many more. God is good and He shows us He cares in these little ways. So don’t forget, “It’s the small things.”

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