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God Can Always Be Found

By Sherry-Ann Brown, MD, PhD | April 07, 2015

"You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart" (Jeremiah 29:13, ESV).

A recent trip to Jamaica was all part of the following—medical education conference/mission, teaching, encouraging, inspiration and, dare I say, "vacation." Everything did wonders for my heart, mind, soul, spirit, inner strength/peace and body. My hands and feet healed and my skin became softer. I got to speak to about 60 students at my high school alma mater about my journey living out the professional, personal and spiritual calling/destiny/mission/purpose God has for my life based on Psalm 139 and all He has done over the years. I got to impart/refresh knowledge to more than 50 medical students, residents, nurses and faculty physicians, who do great service at a rural hospital, and start their brand new used medical journal library. I got to greet everyone at my church in Jamaica and spend some time with the pastor's family and many of my friends and family. I got a new SIM card to keep a permanent cell phone number for when I am there. And most of all, I got a healthy helping of God's peace, presence, instruction, guidance, wisdom and comfort. The best trip home! Praise God!

Through this time away from the hustle, bustle and stresses of work, God took away the weight that I chose to carry on my shoulders. I was finally able to "let go and let God." While the world back in Rochester, Minnesota carried on just fine without me, God kept reminding me to trust Him and not myself. Why do I so frequently forget?

And also, while actually being among some of the things that had been weighing on my mind while in Jamaica, such peace prevailed in my spirit and took all of my apprehensions away. I was able to actively "give it all to Jesus" and passively let His waves of light wash over me.

If only I could live like this always! Why can't I?

God does not move away from us. We stray from our rest in God. But it's never too late to regain that rest and peace. He is always near to us, waiting to be found—again. He never tires of us, and He never gives up on us.

Let us give it all to Him today (and everyday), and find the rest we seek! 

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