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Funding Morality: A New Crowd-funding Site for Biblical Worldview

By Andrè Van Mol, MD | September 28, 2017

by Andre Van Mol, MD

Barronelle Stutzman, a Christian florist in Washington who regularly served and employed gay-identified clients through her business Arlene’s Flowers, declined to use her artistic talents for a same-sex wedding. Christian bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Oregon similarly served same-sex attracted clientele, but they refused to cater a gay wedding. Despite the fact that weddings are events and not persons, both Ms. Stutzman and the Kleins incurred the wrath of activists, media, legislators and courts, even though they violated no criminal law.

The Kleins and Ms. Stutzman found that their crowd-funding accounts, which were established to help them offset crushing fines, were terminated. Crowd-funding companies enjoy the right to do business according to their values and freedom of association, yet they have often been known to deny the same to others with whom they disagree, namely Christian and conservative causes (several other cases appear here). If rights of conscience do not apply to culturally unpopular positions like those of the Kleins and Ms. Stutzman, they only serve group think and herd mentality, which is to say they don’t exist at all. Offense is an emotional response. Rather than expecting people to manage their own emotions maturely, offense has been weaponized in our culture and used as proof that a contrary position or action must be banned and penalized. The process has become the punishment.

Arthur Goldberg of the Jewish Institute for Global Awareness (JIFGA) decided to do something about it. He created, a crowd-funding organization for causes that are pro-life, pro-family and adhere to biblical values and the Judeo-Christian worldview. Creating and submitting a campaign is easy. After approval, you then advance your own campaign through social media, emails, newsletters and the like, and the funding that comes in is available to you. Not hard. 

Some of Funding Morality’s projects include the Youth Center for Exploited Boys in Kenya, helping British police officer Jonathan Wedger who is suffering harassment and penalization for exposing child sex abuse in the United Kingdom, funding scholarships for pro-life medical students, helping support patients with terminal illnesses trying to make the most of their final days and others.

Of particular interest to me are Funding Morality’s efforts to produce a documentary on the work of Christian psychologist Dr. Joseph Nicolosi’s work in reparative therapy for people with unwanted same-sex attraction. An experienced Hollywood documentarian is working on the project described as a “20- to 30-minute video [which] will explore the developmental, physiological, social, psychological and gender identity aspects of human development through interviews with men who actually underwent reparative therapy with Nicolosi and with therapists whom he trained and mentored.” Dr. Nicolosi died this year at the age of 70, and his work has been aggressively misrepresented and attacked by gay activists, mainstream media and some others who are not fans of the reality that change is possible. (For more information, check out this article I wrote for Today’s Christian Doctor.)

In order to further correct the accumulation of misconceptions about reparative therapy, another Funding Morality project aims to make five “explainer animation videos.” Each will last about five minutes and they aim to clearly and simply explain the complex issues surrounding same-sex attraction and therapy. Insofar as one video includes 10 celebrities who have abandoned gay relationships for ones with the opposite sex, this project will generate interest and debate. And a third related project is the story of former homosexual David DeJiacomo and how he overcame several addictions through a combination of spiritual and psychological counseling.

Better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Arthur Goldberg’s Funding Morality is one more candle lit in the defense of Judeo-Christian values. It is worth supporting with our finances and prayers. Arthur informs me he welcomes your inquiries about your potential or existing projects as well as situations you believe would be of interest.

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