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Finding the Remedy

By Jennifer Wade, DDS | October 25, 2017

by Jennifer Wade, DDS

One of the beautiful gifts God gives us is the family of God and the diverse abilities He equips us with. Sometimes working as healthcare professionals, we can forget about the bigger body we’re serving with, especially if we’re the only believer where we work. That’s even more so true in dentistry, where most dentists are working as a single professional.

One of the most refreshing, convicting and motivating experiences I’ve had is going to the Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC) in Louisville, Kentucky. I had heard and read about God doing amazing things for His kingdom through healthcare, but I only knew a few people actually doing that work for Christ. At GMHC I heard missionaries talk about God using medicine to take them to places where people have never heard the gospel. I met people working in clinics in the U.S. who brought access to healthcare to populations that wouldn’t have had that otherwise. I also saw an incredible need for more laborers to go into the field, as well as endless opportunities available to be sent and obey God’s call to live life fully for Him.

CMDA’s new medical missions conference, will provide that same experience for even more people. Are you looking for some encouragement as a believer in your field? Maybe you’re curious about what ministry options are available to you as a dentist. Are you already part of an incredible ministry and want to join with other believers to expand your vision and proclaim the wonders God has done? There are so many good reasons to come be a part of Remedy. Come see and share what God is doing!

Remedy Medical Missions Conference
March 23-24, 2018 • Orlando, Florida

Medical missions brings the remedy for disease. And medical missions brings the remedy for sin. But in order to do this, medical missions needs missionaries. Committed healthcare professionals are the greatest need in closed countries to provide God’s spiritual and physical remedy. Join us at First Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida on March 23-24, 2018 for Remedy, a new conference focused on bringing God’s remedy to the world.

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