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DMD - Jeff Amstutz, DDS, MBA

Vision for Christian Dental Association

Dental Ministries Digest with Dr. David Stevens interviewing Dr. Jeff Amstutz

Jeff Amstutz, DDS, MBA, is a graduate of Case Western Reserve and its School of Dental Medicine. He also completed an MBA at Kent State University. In 1999, he and his wife Carrie were called to the mission field where they opened a dental clinic in Gabon, established a program to train Gabonese dental technicians and launched a mobile ministry to reach remote villages. They also served in Mali and Senegal. He joined CMDA in 2012 as the Vice President for Dental Ministries, Peter E. Dawson Chair of Dentistry. He is focusing on expanding CMDA’s ministry, services and resources for dental members, as well as intensifying outreach to dental schools in the U.S.