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Christians in public policy: CMA at Family Research Council

By Jonathan Imbody | November 19, 2015

Excerpted from "Jonathan Imbody, author of Faith Steps: Moving toward God through personal choice and public policy," presentation at Family Research Council, November 4, 2015 - Marriage and sexuality, religious freedom, abortion, assisted suicide, stem cell research and human trafficking: The stands we take and the choices we make on such vital issues, as individuals and as a nation, matter now and for eternity.

Faith Steps encourages and equips people of faith to winsomely engage friends and the culture on critical matters--not as partisans but as ambassadors. Decisively rejecting the stifling notion that Christians should remain mute on controversial social issues and shun the political arena, Faith Steps reveals how courageous and compassionate engagement can help our neighbors and transform culture.


Jonathan ImbodyCMDA Vice President for Government Relations Jonathan Imbody: “The goal of my new book, Faith Steps, is to encourage and equip people of faith to engage in the public square. The communications approach outlined in Faith Steps actually mirrors the communication approach healthcare professionals often take with their patients: explaining harms and benefits in terms of self-interest.

“When you counsel a patient to stop smoking or eat healthier foods, you present the evidence, harms and benefits that will accrue to a patient who pursues a certain course of action. Similarly, when we counsel legislators or voters on controversial issues such as abortion, assisted suicide or sexual risk avoidance, we can present the evidence, harms and benefits of pursuing certain courses of action.

“As your patients and the public observe the consequences of following or disregarding God’s principles for living, they may come to realize that God’s ways work in real life. This process of testing God’s principles, for which we advocate with patients and the public, can help lead a person closer to a real relationship with God through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.

“It’s a bit awkward to promote one’s own book, but I do so in the hopes that it will help you integrate your faith and your professional life and help you communicate your Christian values winsomely and effectively. That’s the purpose of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations and also the purpose of Faith Steps.”

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