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Christian Doctor's Digest - April 2016

  • Phil Lees - Comprehensive Sex Education
  • Jonathan Imbody - Faith Steps
  • Richard Swenson, MD - State of Healthcare

Phil Lees devoted most of his working career to public education as a teacher, school board education consultant, university instructor and Ontario Ministry of Education consultant. In the mid-1990s, as a result of a highly controversial, explicit sexual health curriculum viewed by his daughter in the fifth grade, Phil organized a community parent group that resulted in the school board adopting an abstinence-based curriculum. Within two years teen pregnancies in the city dropped by 22 percent. In 2009, he founded P.E.A.C.E. to actively inform parents about the changing curriculum within public education systems, as well as provide families with a set of communication tools to empower parents to advocate for the values they instill at home. After visiting and speaking in Hawaii in 2013, Phil established PEACE Hawaii, modeled after his experiences in Canada. For more information, visit or You can reach Phil at

Jonathan Imbody serves as Vice President for Government Relations and directs the Christian Medical Association’s Washington Office. As CMA’s liaison with the federal government, he makes more than 200 personal contacts with Congressional leaders and government officials each year. Jonathan authored Faith Steps, which encourages and equips Christians to engage in public policy issues. He has published more than 100 commentaries in The Washington Post, USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Chicago Sun-Times and other national publications. His writing focuses on issues including freedom of faith, conscience and speech; human trafficking; abortion; assisted suicide; stem cell research; the role of faith in health; international health; healthcare policy; sexual risk avoidance and HIV/AIDS. Jonathan received his bachelor’s degree in journalism and speech communications from the Pennsylvania State University, a master’s degree from Penn State in counseling and education and a certificate in biblical and theological studies from the Alliance Theological Seminary in New York. For more information about Freedom2Care, visit

Richard A. Swenson, MD, received his BS in physics from Denison University and his MD from the University of Illinois School of Medicine. In 1982, following five years of private practice, he accepted a teaching position with the University of Wisconsin Medical School, Department of Family Medicine where he taught for 15 years. He currently is a full-time futurist, physician-researcher, author and educator. He has written nine books, including the bestselling Margin and The Overload Syndrome. He has presented widely, including national and international settings, on the themes of margin, stress, overload, life balance, contentment, complexity, societal change, healthcare and future trends. A representative listing of presentations include a wide variety of medical, professional, educational, governmental and management groups, most major church denominations and organizations, members of the United Nations, Congress, NASA and the Pentagon. In 2003, he received CMDA’s Educator of the Year Award. For more information, visit

April 2016 Featured Resources

Comprehensive Sex Education - 2:05
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