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Being Brave

By Christina Kopriva, MD | July 21, 2015

I did this fun inter-church series with my Bible study called “Brave.” It went through a series of discussions about what it means to be brave, setting a brave goal, addressing your fears about that goal and then taking a final step. We talked about the fact that being brave happens in front of other people.

So often we think we’ll get brave in the privacy of our house or prayer room and then just step out one day brave, but it doesn’t work that way. It requires practice and doing it in front of other people. We talked a lot about Peter in the fishing boat when Jesus called him out onto the water. So often we view that story as a failing of Peter’s faith that made him start sinking. However, it’s also a story of Peter’s bravery and willingness to step out onto the water. Look at the other 11 men sitting in the boat who weren’t even willing to try, and we never talk about them. Peter was willing to be brave and step out onto that water in front of his 11 best buddies. That is brave.

For me, doing international medical work was something I’ve had fears about…fears for my safety and health. So I set my goal to be brave and go international. I am now set to go to Tanzania this fall for a month to do medical work. I still have fears, but I’m taking that step to bravery.

What are you fearful of? Whatever it is, I would encourage you to take some time to bring that fear before God and ask Him how He can help you be more brave in that area of your life.

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