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American Health Care Act Pro-Life Letter

A letter sent to Senators on June 12, 2017 highlighting the importance of pro-life protections in the Republican “replacement” to Obamacare. Pro-life groups cannot accept a healthcare bill that funds abortion. This group letter insists on a solution that does not involve abortion funding. You can view this letter here.

Unlike Obamacare, the House-passed American Health Care Act (AHCA) prohibits taxpayer funding for abortion or plans that include abortion. All programs including tax credits to purchase health insurance are covered by Hyde-protections in the House bill. Now those provisions must withstand the strict Senate Byrd Rule, which says every provision of a “reconciliation bill” must have a primarily budgetary impact.This is a challenging hurdle, but it is entirely unacceptable for the Republican replacement to Obamacare to fund abortion to the same extent or potentially even more so than Obamacare. 
The House-passed AHCA also includes the provision redirecting Planned Parenthood money to community health centers.This provision was included in a prior budget reconciliation bill vetoed by President Obama, and we now have an opportunity to send the same language to President Trump.