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Vasectomy Reversal position near Providence


Independent, outpatient only, largest provider of vasectomy reversal in the US is searching for a Family Medicine associate.  Well-established practice of 12 years which has 2 locations, one in Oklahoma and one in Rhode Island.  They are recruiting for the RI site.  Patients travel from all 50 states and Canada to reach this practice.  We have successfully preceptored a family practice physician and a general surgeon to perform the procedures, so physicians with a range of different backgrounds can be used in this practice ministry. Physicians who are proficient and enjoy simple skin suturing can be taught our minor procedure.  We want to add physicians who desire to use the practice as an avenue for disciple making. They help families grow after vasectomy by performing microsurgical vasovasostomy under local anesthetic in our clinic. Beginning physicians will perform 200 vasectomy reversals annually.


We approach each patient as a divine appointment.  We pray for them prior to the appointment, including the morning of the procedure, and offer to pray with all the patients through our registration sheet at the clinic. We try to talk with them first in casual conversation, then with more significant or serious conversation.  Depending on their responses and questions during the appointment, we offer them gospel media while leaving.  Our desire is to identify those that the Father is drawing to the Son and to come alongside the work of the Holy Spirit to see them and their family become disciple-making disciples of the Lord Jesus.


Email Allen Vicars at

Or call: 888-690-9054

Reference Number : 308633

Type : Medical

Specialty : Family Medicine

Location : Providence area, Rhode Island