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Located in beautiful Rio Grande Country


Hospital in south central Colorado is seeking 1 to 2 Family Medicine physicians. Wonderful opportunity where physician has options of being full time ER and full time clinic or a combination. The right candidates must be comfortable with being sole provider. Our hospital is a critical access hospital and serves a poor primarily Hispanic population. The ER sees about 6,000 a year, 35% trauma so physician must be skilled in airway management, STEMI and STROK emergent care including lytics.

The hospital will allow the physician to work in a dual role if desired, half time in the ER and halftime in the Rural Health Clinic or as a Hospitalist. During the night hours, the ER physician admits patients to inpatient bed and the hospitalist takes over the care the next morning. I prefer to hire FMP in the ER because since we aren’t terribly busy in the ER all the time, it gives the doctor a chance to also at lease discuss the chronic issues that a patient might exhibit. We employ mostly FMPs in our ER.


Seeking a person that comes to this area as a calling, not for large salaries or perks. Desire to employ those who are committed to serve with compassion and love. We serve a poor population with a prevalence of alcoholism and drug abuse. I believe there is a mantle of God’s blessing on our organization, both financially and with the people who have come here to serve.  We offer each physician 4 weeks each year to serve in international missions in addition to PTO. We also assist with loan repayment.


Email Allen Vicars at

Or call: 888-690-9054

Reference Number : 247154

Type : Medical

Specialty : Family Medicine

Location : South Central Colorado, Colorado