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The Point

Do you want to know the latest information and news about today's important healthcare topics? Join the conversation with The Point, CMDA's blog focusing on breaking news stories in bioethics and healthcare. CMDA's experts contribute to the blog and also recommend additional resources and information.

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Latest Posts

Gay Parenting and Child Health Outcomes

By Andrè Van Mol, MD | February 22, 2018

Efforts to re-examine the results of same-sex versus opposite-sex parenting are picking up steam. In this week’s blog post, Dr. Andre Van Mol explores the failures of scientific studies that are being used to support gay parenting.

The Issues Facing Three Person Babies

By D. Joy Riley, MD, MA (Ethics) | February 15, 2018

On February 1, 2018, Ian Sample, the science editor at The Guardian, wrote an article entitled “UK doctors select first women to have ‘three person babies.’” Dr. Joy Riley discusses how the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA), Britain’s reproductive technologies regulatory agency, has given the go-ahead for “mitochondrial replacement therapy” and what bioethical questions this move brings up.

Rights of Conscience, Moral Complicity and Free Speech

By Robert E. Cranston, MD, MA (Ethics) | February 08, 2018

In this week’s blog post, Dr. Robert Cranston joins the ongoing conversation about healthcare right of conscience and how it impacts an upcoming case before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Are healthcare conscience laws needed?

By Jonathan Imbody | February 01, 2018

In the fifth of a series of blogs on conscience in healthcare, Jonathan Imbody discusses the importance of the new division created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to address conscience and religious freedom in healthcare.

REMEDY: Healing For the Nations

By David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics) | January 25, 2018

Why is healthcare missions the key to completing the Great Commission? In this week’s blog post, Dr. David Stevens explores how healthcare can reach the unreached with God’s love and introduce how Remedy can make an impact.

A Lack of Self-care in Healthcare

By Autumn Dawn Galbreath, MD, MBA | January 18, 2018

Why do we as a profession care for ourselves so poorly? We learned in training to work long hours and ignore our own needs, even needs as basic as food, sleep and toileting. And for many of us, this just became a way of life. Dr. Autumn Dawn Galbreath discusses why self-care is so important for healthcare professionals.

"Patient autonomy" – The Trojan Horse assault on conscience freedom in healthcare

By Jonathan Imbody | January 04, 2018

In the fourth of a series of blogs on conscience in healthcare, Jonathan Imbody discusses how changes to World Medical Association’s Declaration of Geneva is being used by right of conscience limiters to assert "patient's well-being" to leverage their agenda.

“My Child is Transgender. Make Her a Son.” Guidance for the Doctor.

By Andrè Van Mol, MD | December 28, 2017

A mother brings in her 10-year-old daughter because she identifies as male and wishes to promptly begin transitioning. Your advice is not solicited, just your authorization for the consult to get the process moving quickly. The mother seems defensive and informs you she knows her child’s rights, and then she preemptively warns you she doesn’t want to hear one word of your “religious ideas.” What can you tell her at this point that is medically, ethically and spiritually sound?

Reporting on IVF Incidents

By D. Joy Riley, MD, MA (Ethics) | December 21, 2017

In the United Kingdom, patients pay for 60 percent of the 76,000 annual in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments rendered. Britain’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the regulatory body overseeing both fertility treatment and embryo research, released in December its State of the Fertility Sector: 2016-17, a report detailing the health of the fertility sector in the UK. This report combined incident reporting with patient feedback and inspection results.

The “Five Solas,” Then and Now

By Robert E. Cranston, MD, MA (Ethics) | December 14, 2017

Half-truths are more dangerous than flagrant lies, and many of these lies affect bioethical questions that affect us in healthcare today. In this week’s blog post, Dr. Robert Cranston discusses how the lessons put forth in Martin Luther’s “95 Theses” make a difference for us today and also help guide our decisions when we face tough ethical decisions in healthcare. 

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