The Fifth Gospel

By John Van der Werff, DDS | March 19, 2018

Our behavior represents Jesus. Why not be as consistent as possible to live the life that God wants us to live? After all, it is for our benefit.

Praying for the Harvest

By Jennifer Wade, DDS | March 06, 2018

An area of prayer that I am guilty of forgetting to participate in is crying out for more workers for the harvest. I participate in discussions about injustices in healthcare and the need for more dentists, particularly Christian dentists, but I don’t ask the Lord to raise these people up. God is able to do anything, but He wants to use us, His people, to accomplish His plan so His creation can show His glory. He also tells us to ask for things because He’s a good Father who loves His children.

Seasons Come, Seasons Go: Time to Plant

By Steve Cartin, MDiv | February 20, 2018

Just as every practice will one day transition, so also every season of leadership in which God has placed us will one day come to an end. When it does, how will your life’s story be written? What legacy will you leave?

Christian Music and Dentistry

By Krystal Donaldson | January 30, 2018

“I like this song” were the starting words of what turned into a 10-minute conversation about Jesus.

Bringing Heaven to Earth

By John Van der Werff, DDS | January 16, 2018

God has given each of us a purpose in life. Starting with the big picture, it is to love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. And secondly, we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. 

Making Cake for Days

By Jennifer Wade, DDS | January 02, 2018

No believer in Christ would deny that we are called to serve the poor. Whether we actually do it or not is another matter. There are many reasons why we should, so what are the reasons why we don’t? Time? Lack of resources? Lack of desire? Are any of those good enough reasons not to obey the Lord’s command on our lives? 

Time for a Checkup!

By Steve Cartin, MDiv | December 19, 2017

Time for an end-of-year checkup. Business will perk up just after the New Year. By March, the restorative work found from increased January and February hygiene appointments will begin to fill the schedule with the promise of a better year. But from my experience, November and December are the months when practice owners want to talk to a consultant like myself. It’s a time when perhaps they are close enough to the end of the year to see that the numbers aren’t adding up like they had hoped.

Serving with the Simple Services

By David Campbell | December 05, 2017

What an honor to serve the Lord through dental skills. The Lord came to earth with a message about His kingdom on earth. We have the privilege of carrying that message today. Encouraging the poor, sick and outcasts with hope for a new life here on earth that continues eternally. Why? Why use us? Is this a pyramid scheme that builds until it encompasses the earth? 

Finding the Remedy

By Jennifer Wade, DDS | October 25, 2017

One of the beautiful gifts God gives us is the family of God and the diverse abilities He equips us with. Sometimes working as healthcare professionals, we can forget about the bigger body we’re serving with, especially if we’re the only believer where we work. That’s even more so true in dentistry, where most dentists are working as a single professional. 

Trapped by Compassion

By David Campbell | October 03, 2017

The call of Christ should build from the heart. God puts compassion into our hearts. If you are reading this, you probably are not a generic Christian dentist. You may know where God is leading you, but many of us spend much of our careers struggling to find service to Christ within our profession. Christ clearly calls us to value service to the poor, but is it with our hands? Is it here or overseas? Is it now or later?

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