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MEI Testimonies

From a student leader of the Ukraine International Christian Medical Student Conference attended by about 200 English-speaking international students from nearly 20 countries:

He who sits upon the throne be praised for your works during our 4th ICMA conference in Kharkov-Ukraine...We thank God for your fantastic gifts of teaching and sharing of your experiences acquired through several years of practice and hard works (sic) with us for free. Your professional experiences coupled with your spiritual growth and love to sacrifice make you best speakers for our lives, professions and our conference... We learned lots from your humble approaches and willingness to help make us adept professionals for Africa ,,,, Asia, and Europe .... you have touched the world through participants of 4th ICMA Kharkov-Ukraine conference. I pray they also pass on their knowledge to others as students and future health professions.

From a fall MEI team leader:

We have met many colleagues, shared ideas and left a footprint of improvement for psychiatry here in this country. ... The feedback from the young or what is termed "junior doctors" is that this was the best training they have ever had ... (there).

From the International Director of MEI’s UK sister organization Partners in Medical Education (PRIME) concerning our partnership and that of other sister agencies:

It is a delight to see a huge network of Christian doctors who are inspired to restore God, his love and his values back into healthcare. The growing unity and collaboration between us all is a wonderful witness to the purposes of God – long may it continue.

From a PhD:

Thank you so much for all the information about MEI. I am currently doing neuroscience research ... I would be very interested for the future in short trips ... That's very exciting that there are also teaching opportunities that are also open to Phd/research positions.

From a special education teacher on the fall pediatric neurodevelopment teams:

God was at work giving parents with heavy burdens a glimpse of understanding. They love their children and desperately want to help them, but have little support. The love of Christ was conveyed through the team’s interest in their children and families.

From MEI’s partner for the Jamaican Bioethics Conference:

Thank you so much for your patience and your commitment. We hope you realize what a service of love you have done for us over the past couple of years and what a debt of gratitude we owe you.