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James P. Owen Mission Scholarship Information

James P. Owen Scholarship Fund

James P. Owen had a keen interest in missionary medicine. He died in 1981 while a senior medical student at Southwestern Medical School. The James P. Owen Memorial Endowment Fund was established by his wife in loving memory of her husband.


To provide financial aid each year for a student at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas to go on a medical mission project. Recipients gain clinical experience in settings that will enable them to become familiar with the cultural, social and medical problems in developing countries.


You must be:

  1. A CMDA member (Join Now)
  2. A medical student enrolled at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas
  3. Able to demonstrate financial need to enable project participation

Apply Online
Before an application will be considered, a letter of recommendation from the applicant's pastor must be submitted. The letter should highlight the applicant's spiritual maturity and involvement in ministry. The reference is an attempt to do a 360 degree look at you from those who have good knowledge of your calling, spiritual commitment, passion for evangelism and your ability to work in an overseas missionary context. If your pastor is not able to provide this information, please select someone who could. The letter of reference should be emailed to CMDA's Executive Assistant.


Application deadline is December 1. Your application must be submitted by the deadline prior to your trip.


Awards will be announced by mail in January. The amount of the grant is for transportation and project-related expenses up to $1,000.


Funds must be used for participation in a missionary medical preceptorship, clerkship, or similar experience of two weeks or more in duration arranged by the student for completion within twelve months from the date of award.

Recipients are required to submit a typewritten report to CMDA within 30 days after completion of the overseas experience, including photographs if possible. The report should contain a summary of activities and an assessment of the value of the experience for the student. Both the report and photos will be kept on file here unless specified otherwise. The recipient is also asked to write a letter of appreciation to the donor.

Due to limited funding, this program is not intended to duplicate other award programs where funding has been given. Where partial funding has been provided from other sources, our award would be limited to the amount necessary to meet (but not exceed) full travel and project-related expenses. If full funding has been provided by other organizations, churches, mission board or foundation awards, applicants are requested to notify the Christian Medical & Dental Association immediately, withdrawing their application in order that other applicants may be funded.

For questions regarding the scholarship, contact CMDA's Executive Assistant.