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We do not live in a vacuum nor can we be successful if we operate as if we do. The successful person in international healthcare, in the future, will value and understand how to form successful partnerships and be able to function with a wide variety of partners.

Future international healthcare ministries must be very intentional in this area. Partnerships do not fall into place but take vision, effort and a spirit of cooperation. Forming the right partnerships in the right way is critical. Examples of successful partnerships between mission organizations with governments, non-government organizations and private agencies are important to study and draw lessons from. Strategic planning, implementation and management of partnerships, along with skills in problem solving, are critical.

CMM hopes to develop resources and networks for you to be successful in partnering with others. Transformational, holistic, community-based health ministry will be most successful and sustainable when good partnerships are formed and resources are combined. Awareness of resources, potential partners and a desire to collaborate and cooperate toward common held interests must be developed. We want to help you with this. MedSend is developing an informational website for transformational, wholistic, community-based ministry resources. Dr. Daniel Fountain of King College is leading this effort. CMM will contribute, support, and encourage both MedSend and you wherever possible. Watch for further announcements about this site.