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CMDA Educators of the Year Awards

The Educator of the Year award recognizes outstanding achievement in the area of medical or dental education. In particular, recipients of this award must demonstrate:

  • an ability to instill in students a desire for professional excellence, lifelong learning, ethical integrity and compassion for the suffering;
  • unquestioned personal integrity and superior professional competence;
  • a commitment to biblical truth and the integration of faith and practice.

**Many but not all of these have taught with MEI

  • George Mikhail, MD
  • John D. Mellinger, MD
  • Lawrence Norton, MD
  • Richard Topazian, DDS

Recommended Training in Missions

Recommended Reading and References

  • Handbook for Short-Term Medical Missionaries
  • Cross-Cultural Conflict by Duane Elmer - how to recognize, understand and work to resolve cross-cultural conflicts in missions and in relationships, including marriage
  • Cross-Cultural Connections by Duane Elmer - overview of major causes of misunderstandings cross-culturally
  • Cross-Cultural Partnerships by Mary Lederleitner - balanced approach to establishing healthy cross-cultural partnerships, preventing dependency and avoiding unintentional cross-cultural messages implying support
  • Cross-Cultural Servanthood by Duane Elmer - a "must read" for everyone before giong on a mission trip; how to communicate Christ's love and a servant attitude cross-culturally
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